The weather in Krakow is a mixture of western European maritime summer and eastern European, crisp winters. This forms a median average daily temperature of approximately 48 (F) per annum.

The summertime is usually around 65 degrees, but may reach much higher temps in July. The winter is usually around 32 degrees but may reach far beyond zero in January.

The vernal season is cool and the light, spring showers sometimes sprout blossoms. The autumnal months are the rainiest. The average September rainfall is 68 mm. Therefore, travelers may choose between a mildly temperate summer, white winter, cool spring, or rainy autumn.  

The summers are cooler in comparison to Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Spain. The winters are warmer than Scandinavia and Russia. With proper attire and planning, travelers will find it quite easy to maintain a comfortable vacation.

Pack a light coat, sweater, or undershirts from April to June. Prepare for a snowy winter with sweaters, a coat, and accompanying accoutrements. Outside of winter, it is always a good idea to carry a pocket umbrella in Krakow. 

Foreigners should permit a slight adjustment to the short amount of sunshine throughout the year. June has the highest sun exposure. It lasts approximately 7.5 hours per day. January has an average of 1.5 hours of sunshine per day.

This is not so much due to the geographical position of Poland as the amount of cloudiness in a given month.