Although Almancil is one of the greatest resort cities in the world, if you are looking for tourist attractions of a different sort, the Algarve region is just full of nearby towns and markets of much heritage and culture.

is a city quite close to Almancil that boasts much more in its markets—the city’s weekly fairs bringing in visitors from throughout the province.  Loule is also the place to go come February, as its Carnival celebrations are truly one-of-a-kind.

Alte, near Loule, sports much history, including a Moorish castle and some chapels that had been constructed back in the Renaissance.

Algarve’s capital, Faro , located a whopping eight miles out of Almancil, is a strongly encouraged excursion for anyone who had thought they had come to the area merely for the resorts.  The remnants strewn here as monuments, of medieval Moorish rule and subsequent Christendom, provide glimpses into Portugal’s past.  Check the Church of Nosso Senhora’s ornate woodwork and morbid bone decorations.  Faro’s Naval Museum and its numerous markets and shops also make the capital a very worthwhile visit.

A trip to Lisbon is also worth consideration, a process which, admittedly, includes taking into account its 190 mile distance from Almancil.