The recently opened (2004) Arab style Baths or Hammam caters for a growing number of local residents as well as visitors to Jerez. They are open every day from first session at 10am until last one at 10pm. It's best to make a reservation (956 34 90 66) as they do have limitations on numbers especially if you want one of the specials. A 50% charge is made on reservation paid in advance which is refundable up to 24 hours before the booking.   A basic 1 1/2 hours of use of the baths costs (2006) Euros 15. A bath plus massage for 15 minutes costs 25, and it's 40 if you want a 30 minute massage.

Then the special treatments come with exfoliation, face masks etc and range from 70 to 140 Euros. These take 2 1/2 hours.

To describe the facilities. On arrival you are given a towel and optional bathing slippers for your feet and asked to slip on a plastic cover over your street shoes. Then in the changing room you have a locker and are of course obliged to wear your swimsuit. Then into the bathing area where there are 3 pools. From tepid, to moderately hot to freezing cold. If you have had a hard day walking round the streets of Jerez, then you may probably soak away in the 2 hot baths. The cold one is definitely for masochists and penguins. 

If you have booked a massage or treatment, one of the attendant ladies will call your number and find you. A unisex massage room containing a number of tables is used and you are certainly not pummelled but gently stroked and coaxed into light sleep!

Altogether a nice experience which would appeal to couples, as well as singles. A hen party can make use of the place for a pre wedding pampering session. Or someone who has one too many sherries the previous day as it must be one of the best hangover cures!

The entrance is at Number 6 Salvador Street which runs up from close to the Bellas Artes Hotel and near the cathedral steps.   The entrance is easy to miss as there are no big signs but it is on the right hand side as you walk up the street. A picture of the nice entrance lobby is below.