The major tourist season is from mid-April through mid-September. Though March and April see plenty of rain, damp days can occur at any time of the year. May and June tend to see the most sunny days and comfortable temperatures, though there are several holiday weekends in May to keep in mind. The weather heats up during July and August, and many of the local residents take their own vacations during these months. This means fewer crowds and more affordable accommodations, though some business may be closed for the entire month of August. The weather is again ideal during the early fall months, and everything is sure to be reopened at that time. Temperatures do drop during the winter months, but snowy days are few and far between, and some sunny days are still likely. There are also plenty of end-of-year celebrations to enjoy, plus a full schedule of theater, ballet, and opera. Overall, barring the occasional rain and wind, the weather is primarily comfortable with average temperatures in the mid 50s. If you plan to visit during late September or early October, keep in mind that you will have to fight for a space among the hordes of crowds that ascend for the annual automobile show in Paris .