Roissy happens to set the scene for two explicit, sadomasochistic novels: The Story of O and Retour a Roissy , both by Pauline Reage. Reage was actually a pseudonym for Anne Desclos, a French author, born in Rochefort-sur-Mer, who was a highly respected critic and a jury member for several prominent literary awards. It is said that she wrote the erotic Story of O after the Marquis de Sade stated that women were not capable of such works, and Desclos’ lover and employer, Jean Paulhan, urged her to prove him wrong. Though the book was a commercial success upon publication in 1953, it spurred a great deal of controversy. The government actually brought obscenity charges against the publisher and the unknown author in 1955. The charges were thrown out in 1959, but the judge did issue a publicity ban and a restriction on the sale of the book to minors. The publicity ban was lifted in 1967, and Retour a Roissy was later published as a sequel. Desclos was not revealed as the author until 1994.