It is always exciting to travel USA. But before you start travelling, you should make sure that you have made arrangements of a working mobile phone in a foreign destination. All of us rely on mobiles to check on itinerary, travel guides, photo sharing, status updates, maps, messaging, calling etc. However, your local Indian mobile number will cost you high roaming bills.

How can you stay connected without breaking the bank?

·Use chat applications: To reduce costs, you can make use of chat applications and messenger to keep in contact with people back home. Some of the popular apps are WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Skype, Viber and many others. 

·Use Hotel or Open Wi-Fi: Use an open or hotel Wi-Fi to run internet in your cell phone as much as you can.

·Download in advance: Download chat applications, travel maps, guides and other essential apps before you start travelling.  It will save your downloading charges. 

·Carry an International Sim Card: Carry an international SIM card with voice and data plan to save money on international roaming charges. Consider Clay Telecom and OneSIM, if you are travelling from India to a foreign location. 

· Turn-off mobile data: Don’t keep your mobile data running all the time. There are several apps which consume data all the time. 

·Turn-off Auto Updates: Make sure that you have turned-off auto update option for mobile applications. 

· Monitor Data Usage: Check your phone settings to see which apps use the most data, and close the applications to avoid running them at the background. 

·Stop Sync: Make sure automatic photo syncing for apps such as Google+, Dropbox and Flickr are toggled off 

Hope these tips will help you cut telecom bills while giving you freedom of hassle-free connectivity with friends and family.