A common question seen on many of the Tripadvisor forums is something along the lines of "We are going to Paris, how many days should we spend there?" 

This is a common type question asked those unfamiliar with destinations they are interested in visiting. Unfortunately, the answer to this question depends upon many factors such as your available time and travel funds as well as your travel tastes, preferences and general interests. However, a particularly important thing to understand is your travel style, which will greatly influence how much time you will want to spend at new places you visit.

Four Travel Styles:

There are no fewer than 4 distinct travel styles (described below), which most people seem to fit within. Identifying which travel style you prefer, can go a long way towards helping you understand how long you might want to spend in a destination. So, lets get to it and have a think about preferred travel style. 

1.) The Explorers

The explorers enjoy comprehensive visits to fewer destinations. They enjoy investigating every corner of every street and don't like to feel rushed. Explorers work hard to see everything they can and feel a proper visit to a new place takes time and effort. Explorers tend to visit fewer total number of places and stay longer at each.

2.) The Chillaxers

The Chillaxers enjoy leisurely, relaxing visits to fewer destinations. They enjoy down time and less total activity (think beach resort) when visiting new or preferred places. Chillaxers don’t see the benefit in working hard during their time off and prefer to not rush when on holiday. Like Explorers, they tend to visit fewer total number of places and stay longer at each.

3.) The Activity Junkies

The Activity Junkies enjoy active and focused pursuits (think skiing, diving or even storm chasers). They tend to stay at new and preferred places for periods of time that are suited to their specific hobbies. For example, ski junkies might stay in one place throughout their holiday while diving enthusiasts might prefer a bit of island hopping. On the other hand, storm chasers will probably never stay in the same place two nights in a row.

4.) The Tasters

The Tasters are the polar opposite of Explorers, preferring more scratch-the-surface style visits to a greater number of places. They enjoy seeing the best a place has to offer but prefer to move on after the highlights. Tasters work hard to see as many places as quickly as possible before packing their bags and setting off to the next new place. Unlike Explorers and Chillaxers, they tend to visit more total number of places and stay shorter periods at each.

To Sum Things Up! 

These are four distinct styles that we can identify in ourselves when thinking about travel planning and how long we should stay in certain destinations. It is possible that, at times, you might fit into different categories. It is further possible that you can have different travel style depending on the specific type of holiday you are pursuing. Nonetheless, part of determining how long you should stay at a particular destination, will greatly depend on your travel style. This is why it is helpful for you to consider this prior to making any decisions about how many places to visit and how many days to spend at each.

Hope this is helpful and happy travel!