For those out there exploring the opportunity to travel around the world on a long term travel trip, one of the major considerations you will need to make is whether to go with the Around The World (RTW) airline package or to just book flights as you go.

Below are a couple online publications with helpful information, pros and cons for the RTW or the more Do It Yourself style flight arrangements. These and others you can find online are well worth investigating thoroughly before making the decision what to do about your flight arrangements. 

Boots N All (Long-Term Travel Airfare Options) (Point to Point vs. RTW Flights)

Travellerspoint Travel Forums (RTW v Pay as you Go?)

GumTree Lonely Planet (RTW vs. Book it Ourselves)

A valuable resource is the GumTree Lonely Plant forums, referenced above, where an active backpack-savy community can be found. 

An additional helpful resource for cost planning for RTW or long-term travel is found with this oldie from Boots N All - Costs of 11 Real Long Term Trips article

For additional information about RTW and long-term backpacking and travel related discussions, a good place to spend some time is the Bargain Travel forum here on Tripadvisor where these topics of discussion come up from time to time.