A common discussion within travel communities is the question of independent (DIY) travel vs organised tour arrangements.

There are some who book pretty much everything through a travel agent or other tour operators, while some would rather drop dead than be forced on any form of organised travel arrangement. Then, there are those who dabble in both, when it suits their travel needs and interests.

Below are some online resources, which discuss, describe and debate the pros and cons of independent travel vs. organised tours.

Travelersdigest (Independent Vs. Group Tours) 

Roughguides (Pros and Cons of package tours) 

Lonely Planet (Travel Debate - Group vs. Solo Travel)

Do it yourself vs. Travel Agent (helpful table chart w/ pros and cons)

She Knows  (Group Tour vs. Independent Travel)

YTravelblog (Why take tours over independent travel)

Ordinary Traveler blog (Independent travel vs. Organized group tours)

WorldNomad.com (independent travel - lessons learned) 

RunawayJane Blog (Taking a tour vs. independent travel)

Hopefully information shared in these online publications can help you think about the pros and cons of independent travel vs. group travel and help you make a decision that is best for you.