When going for a holiday or even for a short trip a checklist with "not to forget" items is always good to be at hand, especially when travelling abroad. The packing checklist below covers a wide range of usefull items for various holiday destinations:

Clothing: Belts, blouses, bras, coats, dresses, jackets, jeans, long/short sleeve t-shirts, long/short sleeve shirts (men/women), long/short trousers, pijamas, purses, robes, socks, suits, sweaters, ties, tights, underwear

Footwear: boots, casual shoes, dress shoes (men/women), sandals, slippers

Toiletries: after shave, comb/brush, cotton balls, cream (body/hands), dental floss, deodorant, hair  dryer, hairspray, lip balm, make up remover, make-up kit, mouthwash, nails care supply, nails polish, napkins, rubbing alcohol, sanitary pads, saving gel, shampoo, shaving kit, small mirror, soap/shower gel, sponge, toilet paper, tooth brush, tooth paste, towels, tweezers, waxing strips

Medicines: anti-diarrhea, band-aids, extra pair of eyeglasses, medication, prescribed medications/vitamins

 Accessories: bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, necklaces, scarves, sun glasses

 Electronics: chargers for laptop/Ipad, chargers for mobile phones, chargers for video/photo cameras, converters and adaptors for electronic devices, GPS, Ipad/ Kindle, Ipod, laptop, Ipad, memory card for photo/video camera, mobile phone (check if the roaming is active when travelling abroad), photo camera, token/device for account accessing via internet, video camera,

Miscellaneous: alarm clock, binocular, books, cigarettes, debit/credit cards, drinking water, food,  insect repellent, money, luggage padlocks and keys, pen and paper, sewing kit, umbrellas

Travel abroad: car insurance, dictionaries, embassy contact details, flight tickets, hotel reservations/tickets, maps with sites to visit, medical/travel insurance, passport, vaccines and their confirmation  (if they are mandatory for the country you travel to), visas, travellers cheques, travelling pillow,

Seaside: bathing suit, beach bag, pareo, slippers, snorkelling equipment, sun cream, sun hat, swim cap, swimming seat, towels, water glasses, water shoes

 Mountain/winter: caps, gloves, ice skates, scarf, skiing equipment, snowboard, spare wheel,

 By car: car documents, driving licence, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, flash light, spare car keys, special documents if the car is owned by somebody else (when travelling abroad)