In many states motels, hotels and innkeepers of any description are subject to additional lodging taxes that will be added to the local sales tax. The state will charge the innkeeper one rate, typically 1 to 3%, and the local county will charge a separate additional rate, usually lower than the state rate. 

These taxes will be added to the local sales tax so you will see only one tax rate but, because of the additional state and county taxes, the rate can easily be greater than 10%. Unless otherwise stated, the rate quoted by your lodging on its reservation site will not include taxes until the actual time of payment.

Since these additions can make the total sales tax charged significant (around 14% in New York), you should be sure to make sure you are getting the full quote if you are to pay on your date of departure.

See this helpful article by Travel & Leisure if confused about taxes that accompany hotel stays in the United States