Links for Oslo Public Transport and Airports

This is a list of the most common public transport facilities in Oslo, as well as a list of the airports and transport for those.


Transport Options to Specific Attractions

Bygdoy Museums

Bus no. 30 westbound from city center (stops at the Folk Museum, Viking Ships and ends at Kon-Tiki, Fram & Maritime museums)

Ferry from City Hall Pier to Bygdoynes - location of the Kon-Tiki, Fram & Maritime museums.  10 - 15 minute walk, partly uphill, for the Viking Ships and the Folk Museum. Alternatively use bus no. 30 for the last two museums.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Blue tram no. 12 westbound .

Any T-bane (metro) line westbound to Majorstuen. Use main exit through narrow passage and enter the square, turn right and follow the main street (along blue tram lines) for 10 minutes.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump Arena

T-bane (metro) line no. 1 to Holmenkollen. 15 minute walk uphill to reach the arena. 


The Oslo Pass

The Oslo Pass offers free public transport as well as free entrance to most attractions and museums. Read more in this link:

 Oslo Pass