Taxis are available for hire in town, but because of the set up of the city – with lots of one-way streets, tourists can usually get where they want to go faster by simply walking there! However, if a taxi is wanted, they can either be called for a pick-up or they can be found waiting for passengers.

There is something to be said about having a rental car during a vacation. It allows visitors the freedom of jumping in and driving anywhere they want. For any tourist who wants to rent a car during their visit to Tirol , they’re available for rent from the local airport. They are usually also available for pick-up in town. Some of the major, international car rental companies exist here, such as Avis and Budget.

Upon renting a car in Austria , tourists must show a valid driver’s license from their home country. Also, visitors who want to take a rental car across the Austrian/German boarder can usually do so at no extra charge. However, there is usually a charge to take a rental car to Italy , Hungary and all of the other countries that share a boarder with Austria .

The road conditions in Austria can be classified as excellent and tourists should not run into any problems with poorly marked areas.