Travelers should be enthusiastic about visiting this entire area, which is an easy day trip from Salzburg. It is BEAUTIFUL, on a level with the famous English Lake District!

Rent a car in Salzburg and stop at various lakes and charming towns and conclude with a dinner in Gmunden.

In a circular route, stop in Strobl, St. Wolfgang, Bad Ischl, Ebensee, and Gmunden before returning to Salzburg. Travelers will not have to rush to cover this much ground.  Highlights are St. Wolfgang and the Michael Pacher painted alter in the Pilgrimage Church, which is an exceptional artwork, and the extraordinary views of mountain peaks surrounding all the lakes, but in particular in Ebensee.

Do not travel all the way to lovely Salzburg and miss this opportunity while there!  Spend two days in Salzburg and one taking this memorable driving tour.  Appropriate for romantics and families with children, too.