Limassol knows how to have a good time, so it’s no surprise there are a few annual festivals to choose from here.

Each summer for the past few years, Limassol has hosted a beer festival, which features a wide array of beers from around the world, live music (featuring an international line-up of bands), DJs and happy entertainment. This summer festival is well suited to its place in a beach resort town and admission is free.

The 10-day Limassol Carnival is a fun and worthy event, making Limassol a destination for other residents of Cyprus and international travelers. The festive and fun event dates back to and is inspired by Pagan rituals and brings a sense of fun and frivolity to town.

Another fun festival in Limassol is the Festival of the Flood, which occurs 40 days after Easter. During this event, people splash each other with water which symbolizes the purification of the soul and the body. It is said to honor the spirit of Greek Goddess Aphrodite.

If you’re in Limassol in the spring, check out the flower festival, which is held in May each year. It celebrates the beauty that spring brings, particularly in the form of local flowers.  You will find a separate article relating to the wonderful wine festival.