A visit to Limassol will likely bring you a lively, interesting time. Shopping there promises to be no different.

First, there are a wide variety of convenience stores available if you need to pick up a little something and either can’t find it at your hotel gift shop, or you want to pay less for it. They offer a wide variety of products, though most specialize in a particular type of product; for example, one might feature souvenir items while another the basics to help you get through your stay in Limassol.  You can also change your cash for Euros at many of these shops.

If you don’t mind walking a bit, head to the non-touristy areas for items at kiosks that will likely be priced markedly less than in the busier areas. Be aware that most convenience stores are either open 24 hours, or until very late at night.

If you want to save a few dollars and don’t mind spending a bit more time, head to one of the department stores in Limassol. Right near the Holiday Inn near the beach, there is a Debenhams department store.

 If you want to do a little souvenir or other type shopping, you can find a lively shopping district right near the beach where you can purchase handcrafted items, interesting jewelry or artwork, or just about anything else to bring home with you. For high-end shopping, head to Makarois Avenue, where you’ll find an interesting mix of small shops, high-end boutiques and showrooms.

Orphanides is by the last roundabout of Limassol before the highway heads out towards the hospital and Ypsonas heading towards  Paphos.  It is well worth the drive for those staying near the Holiday Inn, Ajax and the hotels in town.  The shopping mall is attractive and the air conditioning makes it a pleasure during the summer! The equivalent at the Linopetra end of town is Carrefours with good prices and fresh food but the non-food selection is not as good as Orphanides.  Debenhams (what used to be Woolworths) both on the sea front and along Makarios Avenue are a more expensive alternative.  Both have good selection of non-food items but the food selection is not very large and have usually found the prices high.  One of the best supermarkets for fresh fruit and veg is E&S hypermarket situated off the A6 Agios Fylaxia roundabout heading down towards the town.   Opposite is a large Sigma bakery with an excellent selection of pies, bread etc.,  in fact Sigma bakeries can be found through Limassol and are well worth a visit.  

 If you want a birthday or celebration cake there is none better than the cake shop situated on the righthand side of the Troodos Road just a short distance off the A6 roundabout.

Along St. Andrews Street is a good place for men to get Made to Measure suits, and by the castle ladies and gents Made to Measure Shoes. 

If instead of saying Kiosks for cheaper prices you mention village small supermarkets then yes agree they often are as cheap if not cheaper than the big ones in the cities.  The choice is not as great though but your welcome in the shop will be very friendly and quite often the fruit and veg are fresh and not pre-chilled as in the big supermarkets.   .

If visiting Aphrodite's rock be aware that the ice cream parlour there will overcharge at will, nothing on display is priced and it depends on who serves you what price you pay.   A polystyrene cup of milk was either 60cents with the Cypriot lady but 75cents with the other woman service so be warned.   They recently charged 1.20CYP each for postcards which can be purchased at the restaurant  just above the parlour for 30cents each.    This restaurant serves excellent food if you wish to pay exorbitant prices e.g. 7.50CYP for a pork chop meal which you can get in Old Limassol for 3.50CYP. 

In view of the above paragraph it is suggested  going up to the CTO restaurant where the food is good and the views amazing.  The prices there are all clearly marked in the menu. 

For excellent freshly cooked food at very reasonable prices try visiting the cafe situated behind the fruit and veg market in Old Town.  Exit the back of the market and turn left, make you way down towards the large church and the cafe is near the end of the road on your righthand side. 

There is a new shopping centre on the outskirts of Limassol called "My Mall" it has an ice rink in the centre.  

The number 30 bus that runs along the seafront road will take you to my mall, get off at the last bus stop after the new port.

Orphanides no longer exist they went out of business.