If you’re heading to Limassol to find a party, you won’t be disappointed. Limassol has an active and vibrant nightlife catering mostly to the young, hip crowd, but really with a smattering of “something for everyone”.

Many establishments other than just bars are open until the wee hours of the morning, such as Haagan Daas and Starbucks. While you might think “club” or “bar” when thinking “nightlife”, many locals hit the ice cream shop and coffee shop, sit outside and watch the world go by.

But, for those seeking the indoor scene, there are plenty of clubs from which to choose. Most are fairly casual – this is not an environment where you’ll be restricted from wearing your flip flops in hot weather – but since most also cater to the young, hip crowd, stylish, hip clothes are welcome too.

When you go clubbing, be aware that most locals don’t even hit the clubs until around 2 a.m., if you’re seeking the company of locals.

Most of the clubs in the coastline area cater to tourists, so if you do want to hang with locals and perhaps in a more laid-back environment, consider visiting the Old Town area of Limassol, where many locals congregate at night at coffee shops, laid-back clubs, and bars. visit the Retro Club or the 7 seas in the Columbia complex .

Limassol nightlife has gone down slightly with the close of Galatex (a strip of bars near the beach) however there is still a vibrant bar scene. In Tourist Area (where most of the hotels and restaurants are located) you start with Step Inn. This is a popular Irish bar. A lot of English tourists come here. There is also club Triangle attached to it. This place has been on the rise this summer with a new resident DJ and a turnover of clientele. Here they play a mix of RnB, Hip Hop, alternating with some Dance. Overall, the DJ is pretty cool at taking requests and the music has a good old school vibe with a few choice new records. Busy days have Entrance Fee.

 A few metres down the road is the iconic Basement Club. This club has been here for a long time, a very long time. Refurbished a few years back it has lost its usual clientele due to the change in DJ. This place used to play good Rnb and Hip Hop (old and new). Now it is mostly noise and it caters to the young. Let’s say if you are over 23 you will feel old. Popular with the tourists and young locals. There is an entrance fee.

 Rumours Bar is another iconic location in Tourist area. Owned by the same people who brought you Basement the music here is a lot better. Mostly RnB, Hip Hop (old and new) with some hit Dance tracks. Again depends on the DJ's mood but usually pretty cool with taking requests. Drink prices in all these places are about the same. (4-6euro for drinks depending if you get local or imported spirits). Imported spirits are any brand names like Absolute or Jack Daniels.

 There are a lot of cafes in this vicinity. There is even a casino in the old Galatex strip. Next to Hagan Daaz there is a funky bar called the Brewery. This is a cafe/bar. Going further down you will see a lot of Taverns and English Pubs. Stone Cottage Pub is an interesting creature, open till late it has a sort of a Dive feel. Next to the McDonalds there is a bar/club called Breeze. No flip flops here; there is a certain dress code. Although locals do dress up when they go out, if you don’t want to stand out avoid beach wear when you go out. This is slightly higher class establishment frequented by the slightly older locals than Basement. A bit more expensive it plays nice Dance tunes with a mix of new hits. Next to it is Cote D'Azure, a bar lounge also playing similar music to Breeze. Further down you find places like Waves. This is seafront bar lounges popular in summer. They are again popular with the locals and are slightly classier than the Pubs. Playing anything from Dance to RnB to Greek music it has a good atmosphere for a relaxed drink before clubbing. There are a lot of places like this along the tourist area beachfront.

 Dolce is a more well-known higher class club than let’s say basement. Inviting a lot of artists throughout summer it is nice place to be but it is a drive out of the Tourist Area centre.  On the pricier side (and again with a certain dress code) this place is more of see and be seen sort of place. More frequented by locals than tourists.

 For a total local experience head to the Old City. Start with one of the numerous bars around the old castle; you will be spoiled for choice. Retro is interesting club playing only very old (or retro) music. Fun place but again older locals (over 30's). 7 Seas is another fantastic club in this vicinity. Playing live and Dj sets it is a popular with the mid-twenties locals.

 Guaba does not fit any of these parameters. This is one of the busiest Sunday morning/day/evening places but they have programs for the week as well. This is Trance heaven. With live sets from Trance (and music affiliated with Trance) this beachfront place is packed to capacity with queues over a mile long on Sunday. Arrive very early.

 Kingston is a rock club in the city centre. Darker feel but good music. Tepee is a rock club in the Tourist Area. It has an outside sitting area and serves food like nachos.

 These are just some places popular in Limassol. The Old City is heaving with bars and clubs, Tourist area is full of pubs, and Cafes double as bars.  There are Jazz bars and Buzukia, traditional Greek clubs. If you want to go to something like that remember no English music here. Notes or Ellinadiko are good places. Everyone will tell you their own favourite place, in Limassol it is about experiments.

 Locals don’t go to bars before 11.30-12pm and don’t hit the clubs till about 2am. Most dress to impress. Most Clubs have entrance fees.