For the most part, if you want to see some interesting (read: historical) architecture in Limassol, you’ll want to take a little drive outside the city. Some of the area’s most interesting buildings are located there.

For example, after about a 14 kilometer drive from Limassol, you’ll find Kolossi Castle, which was originally constructed in the 13th Century and rebuilt in the 15th Century. This castle gives visitors a good look at the military style of architecture of the time. It was originally the command site of the Knights Templar, and was also headquarters for the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem after the fall of Acre in 1291.

Go further on the road to Paphos, and  you’ll find the ancient city of Kourion, which is a spectacular architectural sites on the island with excavations continuing today. In the 2nd Century BC, the Graeco-Roman Theatre was built (and it was enlarged in the 2nd Century AD). Today, it’s fully restored and used for theatrical and musical performances.

Also at Kourion, visit the House of Achilles and the House of the Gladiators to witness beautiful mosaic floors. Just a kilometer to the west of Kourion you’ll find the stadium, which was built somewhere around the 2nd Century AD.