Public telephones are widely available in tourist resorts and the major towns in Cyprus. They are either coin-operated or use cards (which can bought from Post Offices and newsagents). To dial into Cyprus, the code is +357.

To dial out when in Cyprus, first dial 00, then your country code, then the subscriber number omitting any initial zero from the number.

In Cyprus, Vodafone CY and Cytaphone are the two main mobile networks and you can buy top up cards at newsagents and mini-markets.


 Northern Cyprus

Public telephone boxes are not common, and visitors usually phone from their hotels, or from the Telecommunications Office, which in Kyrenia is opposite the Post Office. The telephone codes for North Cyprus are listed below:

The telephone country code for Northern Cyprus is +90-392. For example, to call the Kyrenia number Kyrenia 8154321 from the UK, dial 0090-392-8154321.

Most European countries may be dialled directly from North Cyprus. The code for the UK is 0044. Codes for other countries are listed in the telephone directory. For example, to call the London number 020 8765 4321,dial 0044 20 8765 4321.

There are two mobile companies available in North Cyprus: Turkcell and Telsim

To dial the emergency services, use the European Standard number 112.