Malta itself is a magical island, a beautiful island that holds many secrets some as old as the island itself. Therefore it is no coincidence that magicians keep magic, in Malta, very much alive through various live shows and performances across the island.

Apart from shows in various hotels and resorts across the island, there are several magic and illusion shows produced on a larger scale throughout the year in theaters or for public events such as Notte Bianca usually held in the capital city, Valletta during the first week/s of October. Here is the official Notte Bianca site here

One may also get the opportunity to get a glimpse of a magic or illusion show during local village night festivities, usually organised by local councils and held in every town or village in Malta during the weekends of the long summer nights. Each town and village has its own weekend day to hold their festivity.  For more information and for any news regarding local festivities you can check out the local council sites here

A weekly dinner show which is based on magic, illusion and mind reading is the 'Chamber Of Mysteries'  held in Qormi at Razzett L-Antik. The show is held twice weekly in a small theater after a meal and varies from close up magic to spectacular illusions, comedy and mind reading acts. This is quite a unique experience especially since the theater has been especially designed and built for the show and you will not be able to see anything quite like it on the island. You can check out the latest information about this show here

On Maltese television many programs feature magic either on a weekly basis or else have guest magicians from time to time especially during weekends on local afternoon entertainment shows or in the evenings.  The following link is a list of television stations in Malta and you can check out their current programming schedule

Some theaters also have had illusion and magic shows productions. One of the most prominent theaters, According to research, Teatru Manoel has held at least 4 productions during the past recent years. Fenomena, The Ghost Of De Vilhena, Magic In Cartoonland and most recently The Magical Variety. You can check out Teatru Manoel's current ad forthcoming schedule through the following link