Malta Telephone Code


International Phone Codes for Malta


Malta International telephone code

The International country calling code of Malta is +356

Malta City Area Telephone Codes

City codes not required , as all towns and villages fall under one system. 

Malta Mobile Telephone Codes

Vodafone Malta-99 XXXXXX
Go Mobile Malta-79 XXXXXX  

Melita Malta  -  77XXXXXX

However, if you switch providers you can keep your number so  it is no longer possible to tell with which company the mobile number is registered. 

Malta Emergency Telephone Numbers

112- all emergencies is the company that operates the main telephone system - and provides the telephone directory. There is an online version of the directory on the website. Numbers begin with 21. is another company that provides land lines as well as mobile. Numbers begin with 27

However, again if you switch companies you can keep your number.

There is an online search facility for numbers registered with Go , which you can access from here

It is sometimes useful if looking for a hotel contact number ! 

For example, to call Malta, you will need to dial: International Access Code + 356 +  The Number

An example would be 00 356 21 65 43 21 for a land line , and 00 356 99 65 43 21 for a mobile line . ( 00 is the most common International access Code , but may be replaced by  011 or 01 from some countries )