Tipping is not mandatory. You only do it if you find the service and food nice, and you normally tip 10% if you have had a nice experience. The amount depends on how much the bill comes to. Some people round the amount up by 5-10%, some do not tip at all. If you buy a drink at the bar and pay directly, it's generally appreciated if you leave any small coins from the change on the bar; e.g. if the beer costs 38 and you get change from a 50, you might pocket the 10 kronor coin and leave the 2, though this is not a must. In self-service cafés you normally wouldn't tip at all, even though many provide a small collection plate by the cashdesk. Taxi drivers will appreciate if you round the bill up and give a few kronor extra, but hairdressers, beauty therapists, etc., will not expect a tip at all. Tipping discreetly is a good way to make sure you're remembered and especially well-looked after, but service charges are often included in the bill at sit-down restaurants and waited tables in bars, so giving extra should be seen as icing on the cake.