Use Debit card if possible.

While a lot of people is recommending ATM withdrawal when travelling in Europe as you can find "Bankromat" (ATM) almost everywhere, strongly suggest that ASEAN traveller (particular Malaysian and Singaporean) to use Debit card.

Firstly, everywhere in Sweden encourage cashless transaction even buying a bread from convenient shop; some do not even accept cash (e.g.: public transport). Second, the ATM in Sweden restrict the withdrawal up to 2000 krona. This is personal experience after trying multiple ATM cards from Singapore and Malaysia which have been able to withdrew higher amount in other foreign countries before. So you have to withdraw multiple times which incur administration fee by most of the home bank in ASEAN each time the withdrawal. As the result, the supposingly cheaper exchange rate will be higher due to the administration fee. After comparison, the Debit card give the cheaper exchange rate with convenience, even the credit card rate was not too bad compare to the ATM withdrawal+administration fee.

The suggestion, bring small amount of cash, then carry along your debit card, if not credit card. Remember to verify your pin number, there are places that doesn't accept signature as identification.

Hope it helps.