On arrival at Zakynthos airport you will find yourself in the newly built, yet extremely small arrivals area. Once passing through passport control you will find yourself in baggage collection which consists of 2 carousels and a total of about 5 trolleys for passengers to use...... grab one fast. Aug 09 there were a few more trolleys to greet the first of the days arriving flights. Trolleys outside the terminal may not wish to return promptly and enjoy the sun.

The toilet facilities are at the bottom of a very steep set of spiral stairs, not at all suitable for anyone with a small child, any mobility issues or anyone who is slightly scared of heights. These are in the old terminal building.  The new terminal is much bigger and roomier, with better toilet facilities.  Last year the new terminal was being used for arrivals and the old one for departures.  This year the new one should be complete. End of October 2007 there are still using old departure terminal so you are still herded like cattle through check in.

Be warned that in May 2008 the new terminal was in use but according to the tour operator Thomas Cook it would be necessary for all  having a coach transfer to be ready for pick up early. In 2009 tour operator Thomas Cook wanted their passengers to be at the Airport 3 hours before departure time.

Be aware that all baggage had to be screened in one of the three scanners before proceeding to a check in desk. Be also aware that you check in with long queue and may have  another long queue for screening your bag especially if  a scanner is unmanned or otherwise "not available at this time". You still feel like herded cattle especially if being "assisted" by the transfer and airport duty staff of the Islands biggest tourist importer, Thomas Cook.

When you eventually get Airside with maybe two hours to wait if your inbound plane is not delayed you might like a drink. The cost of a coffee is "only €4" and a roll may be purchased at the small ransom of €6. So it is worth eating and drinking your fill before you go through Passport control.  You will still have to buy the water and it is not cheap either. The prices may have gone up but certainly were robbery in Aug 2009. There was a cheaper food outlet  run by the same company in departures before check in but that was not operative Aug 09 and may be closed totally. .

Prices in Duty Free may not be better than in the local shops in many cases, especially the more obvious present for the family items and heard nobody say the considered any purchase a bargain. Aug 2009 no reduction in the prices and there was a general opinion that the prices were compatible with the more expensive Island shops. Of course "Duty Free" prices may be better for those not travelling to EU destinations.

Note that your flight may only be called once in English so pay attention or risk the problems

Taxis are outside and are really good value for the money and well worth taking especially if your transfer bus is doing a mini island tour.