One of the main locations for nightlife in Chania is called the Old Harbour. It is the Venetian harbour of Chania and the famous lighthouse decorates its entrance. This is an area where restaurants, bars and nightclubs are located. Locals as well as tourists enjoy evenings and nights here as they eat a late dinner and have a few drinks. Especially during the summer months when the level of tourism is high, this is one of the most popular places to hang out at night.

For those who want to spend an evening a bit off the beaten path, there are also many other places to go which will also provide an evening full of entertainment. Most people start the evening with a late dinner at a tavern, a café, or a small restaurant that provides home-cooked types of cuisine.

There are quite a few different bars in Chania and they all feature different types of music - some of which is played live. Not only can Greek music be heard in some of the bars, but other popular types of music such as Latin, European and American music is also played.  If you like jazz / blues there is a little taverna on Potie ( ? ) Street, behind the Venetian Harbour - it's called Mamouth and plays old authentic music and has live jazz / blues nights - well worth a visit in the day or evening.  Look out for the fliers posted around on the walls advertising local events.

The nightlife in Chania goes on and on, and often does not end until about five in the morning. Because of this, most people (both locals and tourists) do not start their entertainment until fairly late in the evening - around ten or eleven at night.

Night photos of Chania