The weather and climate in Chania can be described as "Mediterranean." This means that during the months of May through October it is relatively dry and warm, and the months of July and August can be very hot. When winter hits Chania in November of each year, the weather becomes cool and can be stormy. This type of weather normally lasts until March or April.

For tourists, the most appropriate type of clothing to bring on a trip to Chania is casual. It's fine to dress informally just about everywhere, except for certain churches. There are dress codes for some religious institutions which include a long skirt for women and long pants for men (not jeans). Another very important item to have when visiting Chania is a comfortable pair of shoes since a lot of walking will be done while here.

Due to the fact that the weather in Chania is relatively mild from late-March or April until October, this is when most tourists plan their trips here. For the most part, tourists who travel to Chania will experience a lot of sunshine. Temperatures can reach over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) during the height of summer, with only a small amount of rain to cool things.