Athens has a variety of famous clubs, most of them are located at the beach coast and they are open during the summer  Big clubs for thousands of clubbers, the ones' in the centre are just small club-bar type places.  In Athens, you can enjoy all kinds of music; last years, house, r&b and dancing is in fashion and most of the international dj's visit the city clubs. During the summer, most of  clubs of the centre are transferred to bigger clubs on the beach coast.  The well know Athenian Riviera - here are some of their links.

Athens Clubs A portal with all the news from the clubbing scene in Athens   (house, mainstream)/beach  (club restaurant, lounge, house, Greek, rnb-hip hop)/beach coast  (most famous jazz club of Athens) /centre

For other jazz events in the city check  a site that maintains a calendar of jazz events in English. (live electronic music) /centre  (alternative dance bar, new wave, post punk, 80's, rock n roll,rockabilly) /centre

these are few of the main clubs of Athens (most are not have official web sites.....)