Greece is the only European Country  today whose main industry is tourism.

The only  reason for such a preference, since tourism existed in this geopolitical area from prehistory, is due to many different factors ...  Altitude, climate and environmental convenience, commerce and  strategic positioning between 3 continents.

 Africa-Asia -Europe.... 

  prehistoric map of mediterranean area 

Take a virtual trip to prehistoric Mediterranean to discover the motives of the earliest immigration, the religious and social profile, before history begins...Discover the earliest  vision of women and men, traditional medicine and culture interaction.

There is not a possibility to discover Greece and its human factor, without starting from the begining of the Country's profile through time.

Hospitality being a religion in this area since prehistory, has been proved in every later social or religious evaluation.

From  prehistoric Akrotiri evidence in sector A , where we can realize the religious importance of the first contact between European  and African culture, through the Eleysinian Mysteries and the creation of the earliest open society , where the main condition of citizenship was to speak Greek instead of blood conexion, the principles of any modern state in Western Culture World, it make sense to say that Greece is not a summer destination rather than a world value , education travel one,  for  all those who wish to live in a world of Peace in the years comming.

Avoid summer period, when the tourist cartel is taking over the country's picture, to insure benefits, even by destroying slowly but certainly, the profile of a world value, educational destination.

Greece is a human resource, of huge inportance, 12 months/year and no book or tourist review can be as usefull as your own, personal experience, if you only have the chance to be there and meet the real people , talk and exchange ideas with them, about life, familly values, or even love and its power over human attitude to transform Hell to Heaven or the oposite.

Every time you'll be talking with somebody, even if she or he doesn't speak well English, soon you'll be able to understand that you do without knowing it.  2/3 of the words you already use in English in every science are Greek origin and this is because the most of the known sciences had started somewhere there.

A voyage in Greece is like a travel back in time, as far as you wish to  stay away from the facade and search the contact.

Go in Greece to feel rather than see, to learn rather than to give or take anything else.

Discover an emotional logic  and philosophy of prehistoric era, that has kept people together, despite their differences when a danger approaches the Gates from inside or outside, the key of survival for thousands of years in the same land, to preserve the only values that can last in time, to share the same ambitions with those,  who had preserved them for thousands of years through generations, right from prehistory...

Greece is where all of us come from, one way or the other, discover Greece it could mean, disvover a part of yourselves.