Greece is a country with thousands of years of culture.

Before you decide where exactly you need to go, you should be informed about the availability and location of different sites between the mainland and lots of islands,  but also the historical or prehistorical site that you choose to visit. 

For instance , we all know that history begins in Greece, with the Homeric Poetry and the Bible translation at 300b.c., the intellectual background of western Culture values for any modern civilisation of now days.

But Greece since 1967 has many new evidence from The Akrotiri excavations  that most of school education has not yet added in the basic education... Crete and Santorini are the most important prehistoric destinations in Europe  and you should check if you have enough time to visit them both...

Olympic Airways ensure both destinations all around the year through Athens, but you can take a ship several times per week too or the daily cruise from Heraklion for a day cruise in Santorini...

Be very careful in choosing excursions since often enough they return in town when the museums are already closed.

For first time visitors, read general descriptions about the different regions or areas- like most countries, each is different.  Decide which region appeals to you, and remember, if the travel book says it is popular with tourists, it will be busy, crowded, and touristy. 

Greece is not a summer holidays destination for culture travelers , so the best time of a year to visit the Country is in off season when the tourist industry is turning the lights elsewhere...It must be mentioned that in some cases weather may change your travel plants so don't schedule an International departure the same day from an island in winter period...

 Do spend some more time deciding which place(s) you want to visit in that particular region but be realistic.  Do you really want to spend one day or half a day on a ferry or in airports, find a taxi, unpack, see that area by night, have one  full day, wake up, and dash off to a ferry or plane again? 

Make all of  your air reservations at the same sitting so you can minimize layover times and coordinate flights better.  Book with Olympic airlines (they seem to be cheaper than Aegean) EARLY.  Their summer seats fill up quickly!  While you do not have to book your ferry rides ahead of time, it is easier to do so- and you can do it online- but check the day before to make sure your ferry wasn't cancelled.

If you want American style bedrooms and bathrooms, find chain hotels- but if you want a locally owned and operated place to stay, read the reviews on sites like Trip  READ  ALL REVIEWS BECUSE THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT EVIDENCE OF CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION

While you can reserve a car ahead of time, most places are happy to call for you upon your arrival and in some instances, the rental car agency will bring the car to the hotel for you and pick it up there as well.  The more popular islands have bus service to get around but if you want to be able to fully explore on your own time schedule, driving is easy and a rental car is a good way to go.

When you book your room, ask about transportation arrangements to/from the port/airport- in some places the cabs fill up early and they may not come back until the next ship or plane is due. In most of the cases though ,

taxi station telephone center [Santorini 00302286022555]  can send you a taxi anytime day or night with an extra fee

There are lots of ATMs in Athens but there may only be one on an island (hope it works) so if you are running a little low before you leave for an(other) island,  visit the ATM before departure.  Learning how to say thank you, please, hello, and a few other courtesies goes a long way in easily 'bonding' with a resident Greek - the effort truly is appreciated.