Zurich offers you many opportunities for cycling and mountain biking.

There are different ways to get a bicycle if you don't have your own:  "Zürich rollt" www.zuerirollt.ch offers free daily rental bikes from May to October. They have 6 locations around the city and offer city bikes. If you have children you can even rent a child seat. All you have to do is show your ID and give a deposit of 20 Swiss francs. All is first come first serve.

"Rent A Bike" www.rent-a-bike.ch is a big player in cycling rentals. It's located at Zurich's central train station and offers touring bikes, country bikes, basic mountain bikes and a child cycle. Helmet included.

Another company that rents bikes throughout Switzerland is Bike Switzerland Rentals. They rent BMC hybrids and road bikes and send them all over Switzerland by train. 

So where do you go cycling in Zurich?

If you are a road cyclist you can cycle around the lake of Zurich (about 50 mi) and take a break at  the city of Rapperswil www.rapperswil.ch with it's picturesque historic city.

If you are a recreational cyclist and just want to get around and enjoy the scenery you can cycle along the river Limmat or the river Sihl. For a guided outing www.toptrek.ch offers a wide range of so-called Zurich Welcome! Tours.  

Mountain bikers can ride up to the several hills that surround Zurich. The Uetliberg, Zurich's local mountain, offers an outstanding panoramic view and a downhill bike trail.

Surroundings of Zurich