Montreux does not have a lot of after-hours action but possesses enough to keep the insomniac sightseer entertained.

The alpha and omega of Montreux’s midnight vibrancy is the Casino de Montreux , located in the city’s center.  Boasting a couple hundred slot machines and some roulette, do not come here if you plan on making some serious dough via blackjack or poker, as card tables are relatively minimal.  A disco inside the building is open well into the early morning in case you get tired of losing (ahem, I mean winning) money.

Harry’s New York Bar in Montreux distinguishes itself from the rest of its siblings in the chain through its elegance and luxurious décor.  Managed by Le Montreux Palace , Harry’s lures visitors with quality dining and a diversity of drink offerings, all in a relatively low-key atmosphere.

Finally, Caesar’s is a decent lakeside establishment for dance and music, and the Pussycat Club offers a weird combination of live DJ’s and sushi that promises to entertain all subspecies of night owl.