What's the best time of year to visit Montreux?  Montreux shares a micro climate with Vevey and temperatures are generally warmer at that end of the Léman than they are in Lausanne or Geneva.  The result of this is the name given to the area - "The Vaudois Riviera".    Spring comes earlier to Montreux than to the towns and cities on the Swiss plateau and is usually well underway by March.  Flowers start to bloom by the end of February along the lakefront promenade.  Montreux also gets far less fog than the plateau and less snow too.

Summer brings hordes of tourists to Montreux, especially around the time of the Montreux Jazz Festival in early July so that it perhaps not the best time to go there unless you are headed for the Festival.   Since Swiss weather in general is quite variable it is important, no matter the season of the year that you visit that you have "layers" of clothes to put on and take off as needed.  There is no rainy season in Switzerland and it can and does rain at any time of the year.   Sightseeing is most pleasant during the months of April to October around the lake.  In winter the humidity of the lake makes one feel the cold more intensely.

   Montreux's Lakeside Views 

But if you are looking for some local events, the best times to arrive are in July for the Montreux Jazz Festival and August 1st for Switzerland's National day.  Throughout the summer you will find many vendors selling their goods along the lake edge.  Be prepared for thunder and lightening storms as the summer is typically a rainy season for this region.

Winter will provide you with an exciting Christmas festival.  Vendors and artisans show off their goods, children play and wander around the activities made for all, while adults warm up with a "vin chaud" or hot, spiced wine.  Bring the family for an afternoon or evening of wandering, Christmas shopping and dinner treats.  But make sure you are prepared for the cooler winter weather.