St. Moritz is a mountain refuge located in the high altitude lake region of Switzerland. It is 5624 ft. above sea level. The healing, mineral springs drew early residents as long as 3,000 years ago.

Today it is a resort town with more rental units than there are full-time residents. Although it is a ski resort, it averages 322 days of sunshine each year. This keeps the spirit of travelers and locals warmer than is typical of habitants in cold climates.

The majestic hillside city seems to practically spill onto the lake. The local storeowners, resorts, and the town are constantly evolving with global fashion trends, architecture and technological advancements. This helps attract celebrity athletes and artists to the region for  high altitude training units and a private getaway.

St. Moritz is ultramodern and ultracool, but there are several local monuments of interest. Druids lived in Engadine, the province of St. Moritz for centuries prior to the first millennium. A ceremonial granite block is a remnant of their presence in the countryside.

Chesa Veglia and the Engadiner museums are original pieces of architecture that remind travelers of the village's former building styles. One moment in St. Moritz it may see as if a visitor is in a quaint, Swiss village. Then, enter a hotel lobby - and contemporary, monochrome interior decorations are everywhere