When it comes to web resources for the city of Interlaken, the strongest site is the official tourism page of Interlaken .  Listing and linking to all the town’s shops, providing current weather information and enumerating useful travel tips, Interlaken Tourism is a very valuable guide for first-time visitors to the town—all in spite of the site’s slightly clunky interface and its sometime lack of descriptiveness in its dining, retail, and hotel scenes.

The Switzerland.isyours.com website provides some incredibly basic details regarding how to get around the city as well as of what is worth seeing, though these meager facts and figures should not be relied on alone for setting an itinerary.  TripAdvisor’s Interlaken links, reviews, and vacation getaway details ranks up with the best of the city’s tourist sites, especially in terms of accessibility.

Other sites with Interlaken information exist, particularly those for resorts, restaurants, and stores in and around town, but none are broad enough to be recommended to a newcomer.  If unsatisfied with TripAdvisor and the official tourism site, try picking up some recommended reading for the trip.

For those planning on trekking around the whole country, check out myswitzerland.com and switzerland.com .