If you are going to be flying into Switzerland, the nearest airport to Lucerne is in Zurich. From Zurich airport it is a 60 minutes journey and from Zurich main station (Zürich HB) it is about a 45 minute travel, by train. By car it will take you 50 minutes to one hour to reach Lucerne from Zurich Airport and Zurich city. The most common type of travel from Zurich would be taking the train, but you could also rent a car if you wanted to. There is at least one direct train from Zurich Airport to Lucerne per hour. The roads in Switzerland are in good condition and even though you are driving in the Alps you will have no trouble negotiating the road. It's only a 55 km (34 mile) distance from Zurich, and you will have the opportunity to rent a car from several spots in the area. Lucerne is about 90 km (57 miles) from Geneva, and so naturally that drive or train ride will take a bit longer. As you are traveling through the countryside, you will have a good chance to take in some of the scenery, which is truly breath taking. If you are on the train, you can just sit back and relax, but if you are driving you will have to pay attention to the road, so because of this many travelers just prefer to take the train and not have to worry about it. Lucerne is a small enough town that you can get around without a car anyway.

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