Geographic Center of Switzerland: Aelggi Alp

The center of Switzerland is on a wonderful alp, 1650 meter above sea level. There is a triangle and a plate with the names of all the “Swiss of the year” which get elected by Swiss TV since many years.


How to go there:

You can go up there by car from Flüeli-Ranft or, even shorter, from Sachseln. It will take you between 25 and 40 minutes to drive up depending from where you start. This drive is only for drivers who are used to drive narrow and windy roads. On week-ends there are restrictions. You can drive up every even hour the first 40 minutes and down every uneven hour the first 40 minutes on Saturdays, Sundays and holydays.

You also can go there by taxi:

The only one in Sachseln

Stuckli Taxi Brünigstrasse 211, 6072 Sachseln

Mobile *079 291 44 44

Another in Sarnen (about 10 min away):

City Taxi Plus Kiser Norbert

Bahnhofplatz, 6060 Sarnen

Telefon *041 660 41 41


It is also easy to walk to Aelggi Alp from the Hasliberg (takes  3 hours), or Giswil-Kaiserstuhl (takes 4 hours 30 minutes). There are great walks you can do from Aelggi Alp which take between 1h and 5H30.