Payphones are owned by Swisscom and you will have no difficult in finding one. Few takes coins nowadays (except those at airports and big railway stations) so it's advisable to have a phonecard, which you can buy at the numerous kiosks or post offices. You can also use your credit card to make a call.

If you're staying in Switzerland for a longer length of time, it would be advisable to buy a SIM card for your mobile phone. Three companies offer these: Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise. There are also several newer carriers that piggyback on the towers of the larger operators including Migros (Swisscom) or Coop (Orange) and Lebara (Sunrise). Lebara caters specifically to the foreigner living in or traveling to Switzerland and needing to make international calls. In fact, calls to the USA and Canada are just $0.09, plus, you receive free calls.

 Please note that your cell phone must be unlocked and have the GSM 900 and 1800 networks. Most Spring and Verizon phones will not work while most AT&T and T-Mobile phones will work if you ask them to unlock them, meaning, allowing you to put another SIM card in the phone. Note: a SIM card will cost a little less in Switzerland but you could find it more convenient to have the service (and number) ready to go as soon as you arrive in Switzerland.

The International Direct Dial Code is 00.  This is the access code you use "within" Switzerland to dial an overseas number ( or make an overseas call ).

41 ( four one ) is the International Telephone Country Code for Switzerland.