Four languages are spoken in Switzerland:

  1. different Swiss German dialects spoken (every canton speaks its own dialect) and German is the written language
  2. French
  3. Italian
  4. Rumantsch which is disappearing

English is sometimes used when the different cultural groups need to communicate with each other. The Swiss Italians (or Ticinesi) tend to speak Italian, as well as German and French. The Swiss French (or Romands) tend to speak only French. The Swiss German tend to speak some French as well as some Italian additionally to German and Swiss German.

From a cultural point of view (food, family values, communication, etc), Swiss Germans are close to the Germans and Austrians. Swiss French to the French and Swiss Italian to the Italians. The different Swiss cultures stick together because of common Swiss values such as direct democracy, neutrality, not willing to be part of the EU and not adopting the Euro, etc.