Walking Tours in Switzerland – Guided and Self-Guided

One of the best (perhaps the best) ways to visit a town or a city in Switzerland is to join a walking tour arranged by the local Tourist Office.  These tours are informative and participants move at a slow pace and have an opportunity to ask questions of the guide.  Most cost between 10-15frs per person, some are less and some are free.   The list that follows does not, by any means, include all of them but does cover the most important cities and towns and gives brief information about the tours, their cost and how to sign up.   In some places a « Self-Guided » tour is available either with a map and information furnished by the Tourist Office or with an AudioGuide which can be rented from the Tourist Office or simply by following a route with information kiosks and plaques along the way.  If there is no information on a town that you will visit then go to its Tourist Office site – you will probably find a walking tour listed there.

 The following information is divided by Canton and then by  town or city.  Where the name of the Canton and a city are the same that is clearly specified :-






 Bremgarten (in German only)





(There are two half cantons – Basel City and Basel Land)

Basel City

The Tourist Office of the City of Basel offers a wide range of walking tours as well as a self-guided Segway tour.  Some examples :

« Stories of Basel’s Old Town » -  Cost 18frs

Discovery Trip on a Vintage Tram – cost 15frs

Guided Tour of the Rathaus (Basel City Hall) – cost 5frs

« Behind Closed Doors » - a tour of a Basel Patrician mansion – cost 30frs

« The Night Watchman’s Secret » - evening tour.  Cost 30frs

There are many other « themed » tours.  For dates and time and to sign up : https://www.basel.com/en/Basel/offer/...



Bern (city of)

« Stroll through the Old Town » with a guide.  Daily April to October.  Meet at Tourist Office (in the main station) at 1100.  Cost is 20frs/person – children 6-16 10frs.  Tour is offered in English, French and German. 

 « Guided Tour of Bern’s Clock Tower (Zytglogge) »  Daily April to October at 1430.  Cost 15frs/adult, 7frs50/child.   You may combine these two tours for a cost of 30frs/adult.  Both tours must be taken on the same day.

 The Tourist Office also offers Audio guides for self-guided walking tours of the old town.  Cost is 18frs.  For more information :   http://www.bern.com/en/activities/cit...



Geneva  (city of)

Audio guide for self-guided tours– rent from the Tourist Office.  Cost is 18frs/adult

Walk the Old Town of Geneva – With guide, Saturdays at 1000.  Adults 10frs

Geneva Watch Tour – self guided.  Get map and details from Tourist Office.  Free.

« Geneva Greeters » - Tours offered by local residents and by reservation only. Cost varies according to the tour and tours are offered in 10 languages

For further information on all these :-  https://www.geneve.com/en/block/walki...



 (Note that the Graubunden is the largest canton in Switzerland in terms of area and has several regions.  For purposes of this guide we have divided it into three main regions -  Chur and the Prätigau, the Engadin and the Val Poschiavo and the Via Mala areas).



Guided walking tour of Chur (oldest settlement in Switzerland).  Leaves from the Tourist Office in the station Wednesdays between April and October at  1030 and Saturdays 30 July, 6 August, 24 September and 29 October at  1000.  German only.  Adults 15frs, children  6frs.  No reservations required.

 Free Audio-guided tour of the old town of Chur available as a download from the Chur Tourist Office site in the following languages :  German, English, Italian, Romansch, French, Spanish, Czech,  Russian, Polish, Chinese, Hindi and Arabic.  Download to a computer and transfer it to an MP3 device.  For more information:  http://www.churtourismus.ch/en/alpine...

Malans -


VIA MALA   (towns around )–

Andeer  - Wednesdays July to September 1600-1700.  ;eet at Mineralbad Andeer.  No sign up needed.  Tour is free.  German only.

Hinterrhein – 2nd  & 4th Saturdays of the month from 28 May to 8 October.  Tour lasts 90 minutes.  Cost – 8frs/person.  Sign up by Friday prior by calling 41 (0)81 650 90 30   German only.

Splugen – Fridays in July and August at 17h.   Meet at Bodenplatz.  Free.  German only.

Thusis – Mondays in July & August at 1730.  Meet at Rathaus.  Free, no sign up needed.  German only.


See general information on this site:


For town/village specific information see below: 

Bever .  http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

Celerina – http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

Ftan - http://www.engadin.com/poi/kommen-sie...

Madulain – http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

Maloja –  http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

Pontresina -  http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

La Punt-Chamues.ch - http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

S-Chanf –  http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

St Moritz –  http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

Samedan –  http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

Sils Maria - http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

Zernez -  http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...

Zuoz - http://www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sommer...



 Brusio –  Guided tour of the small village of Brusio and the historic railway viaduct.  Meet at railway station in Brusio.  Saturdays from 2 July to 15 October at 1430.  Call +41 81 844 05 71 to sign up by Friday prior to the tour.  Tour is free.

 Poschiavo -  Guided tour of the old town of Poschivao – Tuesdays from 5 July to 18 October at 1030am.  Meet at the railway station.  Sign up with the Tourist Office – http://www.valposchiavo.ch



Lucerne (city of)

There are self-guided OR guided tours available. For more information see :  Self-guided tours: http://www.luzern.com/en/sightseeing-...  (Click on the little map and create your own sightseeing tour. There are signs on the most attractive houses and other buildings with explanations in English available).

Guided tours:   http://www.luzern.com/en/sightseeing-...


Guided-tours: www.sursee.ch/de/tourismus/citytours/  (It is easy to walk around on your own for sightseeing. The old town of Sursee is small but very pretty).

Willisau (site only available in German)  Guided tours:   http://www.willisau-tourismus.ch/de/f...   Self-guided tours: www.willisau-tourismus.ch/  (Click on the little map to organize your own tour)



 La Chaux de Fonds

April to November on Sundays at 1400.  Meet at l’Espace de l’urbanisme horloger (rue Jacquet-Droz 23)  Cost – 10frs/adult, 7frs Senior and student, children free.  Tour offered in French and German only.  Sign up with   http://www.neuchateltourisme.ch/en/se...

Le Locle

Tour of this watchmaking centre.  Every Saturday at 1400  April 1 – November 30.  Meet at Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall).  Tour is offered in French and German only.  Cost – 10frs/adult, 7frs/seniors and students, children free.  Tour takes 2 hours.  http://www.neuchateltourisme.ch/en/de...

Neuchâtel (city of)





Leisurely walk around the town of Rapperswil with a guide – tour lasts about 1hr15.  Tours are available in English and German.   Daily April to October at 1400.   Cost 15frs/adult.  For more information and to sign up contact Rapperswil Tourism – info@vvrj.ch   For other tours offered by Rapperswil Tourism see


St Gallen (city of)

The Tourist Office in St Gallen offers three tours in English to visitors :  Old Town walking tour ;  Old Town walking tour with UNESCO World Heritage (includes a visit to the Abbey Library) ; Old Town walking  tour with visit to Textile Museum.  Costs are :  Old Town walking tour – 14frs.  Old Town with Textile Museum – 22frs. (Includes entrance to the museum)  Old Town with UNESCO World Heritage – 25frs (includes entrance to the Library and an Abbey brochure)  To sign up or for more information :  info@st.gallen-bodensee.ch or call +41 (0)71 227 37 37 .   Tours run all year round and are offered in English and German.




Guided tours:  http://www.brunnentourismus.ch/en/e-k...   Brunnen, home of the federal chapel, burned down and was rebuilt. It is an important place at the Northern end of lake Uri (an arm of lake Lucerne). From Brunnen there is a bus up to Morschach - www.stoos.ch/en/index.cfm -).


There are self-guided and audio tours available at Einsiedeln. For more information look at http://www.einsiedeln-tourismus.ch/en...  There are also guided tours at the famous Einsiedeln monastery available. For more information look at http://www.kloster-einsiedeln.ch/?id=156 (at the moment not available in English).

Küssnacht am Rigi

Self guided tours: http://www.kuessnacht.ch/de/tourismus... (only available in German)  (Küssnacht am Rigi is a small town with a few historic buildings and a wonderful walk along the Küssnacht bay of lake Lucerne).

Schwyz (Town of)

Guided and self-guided tours -  http://www.schwyz-tourismus.ch/en/art..   (Schwyz may be the smallest capital among the Swiss canton capitals. It is full of history as together with Uri and Unterwalden (today Obwalden and Nidwalden) Schwyz was one of the cantons which founded Switzerland.)   On this link there are also links for other parts of the canton of Schwyz.



Bellinzona – Walking tour of the capital of the Ticino and its castles.  Contact the Associazione Guide della Svizzera Italiana – Tel. +41 076 676 61 42


« Lugano – Yesterday and Today » - a free guided walking tour with an architectural emphasis.  Wednesdays  from 28 April to 20 October.  1000-1200  Sign up – info@luganotourism.ch

« Unexpected Classic Tour » - a free guided walking tour of the centre of Lugano.  Mondays from 23 March to  24 October 1000-1200.  Sign up – info@luganotourism.com

« Guided Tour of Monte Brè » - by cable car and boat.  Fridays at 1310.  Tour lasts 4 ½ hours May to end June and September & October.  5 ½ hours July and August.  Adults 10frs, children 6-16 5 frs. Not suitable for those with walking difficulty.   For more details see http://www.luganoturismo.ch/en/113/lu...

« Guided Tour of Monte San Salvatore » - by funciular.  Wednesdays 25 May to 12 October.  Adults 10frs, children 5frs.  For sign ups and more details – info@luganotourism.com

 Sessa – Free guided tour of the village of Sessa (located at the foot of Mount Lema) Tuesdays from  1000-1200 29 March to 20 October.  Sign up – Sr Lindo Diambrosi Tel :  +41 091 608 22 85

For information on other tours (not necessarily walking ones)  http://www.luganoturismo.ch/en/113/gu...



(Unterwalden contains two half cantons, Obwalden (OW) and Nidwalden (NW) meaning « from above and below the forest ».  Both are together here as there is only one forum on TripAdvisor for these half cantons.)

 Engelberg (OW)

There are no specific walking tours around Engelberg. It is worth the effort to walk along river Engelberger Aa to the waterfall  which is near to the restaurant  Wasserfall  which means water fall  It is also possible to visit the monastery - see http://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/se...and http://www.kloster-engelberg.ch/kultu... (only available in German)


Stans (NW)

Guided and self-guided tours: http://www.tourismusstans.ch/tagung/d... (only available in German) and http://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/se...




Altdorf is the capital of the canton of Uri. It was the home of William (in German Wilhelm) Tell and there is the famous Tell monument (which can be climbed and offers great views over the town).  For all information about tours at Altdorf look at www.uri.info/en/holidayresorts/altdorf


There are horse carriage rides available at Andermatt –  http://www.andermatt.ch/en/experience...  These are also available during winter time as sleigh rides.  For self-guided tours look at  http://www.andermatt.ch/en/experience...  if one clicks on the little map one can choose what he/she would like to find.

For guided tours see -  http://www.andermatt.ch/en/experience...




http://www.martigny.com   « Martigny from the Romans to today » is a guided walking tour including visits to Roman ruins , the Place Centrale and the Martigny church.  Offered every Saturday in July and August.  Contact the Tourist Office (website above) for more details.  Tour is offered in French.  English upon request.

St. Maurice

http://www.saint-maurice.ch  Guided tours for groups are available at a cost of 150frs for groups of up to 25.  Visit includes a tour of the Basilica (founded 1500 years ago) and the old town as well as the church of St Sigismond.


http://sierretourisme.ch   Guided tours of Sierre are possible for groups only.  Reservation with the Tourist Office at least 2 weeks prior to the date.  Cost is 180frs per group with a maximum of 20 people per tour.


http://siontourisme.ch/index.php/en/c...  Self-guided Discovery walk – town of Sion and guided tour of the Valère hill and Basilica June-September daily at 1100, 1200, 1400,1 600 (No tours Sunday morning)  October-May Sundays only at 1400, 1600 4frs/adult  2frs/child


http://www.zermatt.ch/en/Media/Ticket...  A »staged » tour conducted by guides in costumes of the 19th Century.  Summer only

http://www.zermatt.ch/en/Media/Ticket..   Tour of the village of Zermatt, offered summer and winter seasons.




The Tourist office in Coppet offers a tour of the old village which is on the lake between Nyon and Geneva.   mailto:administration@coppet.ch


There are many tours offered in the town of Lausanne including tours of the old town and the cathedral.   Themed tours . architecture, writers, parks etc) are also availble on request.    The tours of the old town are organised from May to September twice daily in several languages (most of the guides speak English).   For a complete listing in English   http://www.lausanne-a-pied.ch/en/visi...    For more information please contact Lausanne Tourisme directly at  info@lausannetourisme.ch


The Lavaux Tourist office provides a variety of walking tours, some involving wine tasting.   Walks in the vineyards – Sundays from June to October.  Themed tours are also available on a variety of subjects including the birds of Lavaux,  Lavaux by Moonlight, the Taste of Lavaux and many others.  For more information -  http://www.lavaux-unesco.ch/en/N5738/...


« Belle Epoque » Montreux and its old town.  2 hours walking tour with multi-lingual guide.  Meet at the Tourist Office near the landing pier in Montreux.  No prior sign up needed.   Tours are offered Wednesdays to Saturdays at 1000.  Cost is 10frs/person, 5frs/child.  http://www.montreuxvevey.com


Several tours are offered by the Tourist Office and most of the guides speak English as well as other languages .  It is best to let the Tourist Office know in advance that you are English-speaking then they will let the guide know.

« The Crime Road » which focuses on the old prison cells in the castle at Nyon, offered on Saturdays April 16, June 25, September 24.  Cost is 10frs/person and no sign up needed.  Meet in front of the castle at 1400.

« Sandwich and Culture » - Bring a sandwich and join the guide for a tour of the town of Nyon offered on June 6,7 & 8 at 12.10.  Free.

 Individual and group tours on request – Maximum 3 persons, cost is  25frs/person.  Tour takes 90 minutes.   Email to info@nrt.ch


Walking tour of Rolle - offered on 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month from April to October at 1000 and 1400.  Tours are only available in French.  Cost is 7frs/person, children free.  Minimum 5, maximum 12 people.   Contact tourisme@rolle.ch  to sign up.


Walking tours of the town offered daily year round on request.  Cost is 10frs per person.   For information and reservations – Tourist Office, Grand’Place, 1800 Vevey.  Tel : 0848 868 484    http://www.montreuxvevey.com



 Zürich (city of)

The Zürich Tourist office provides a series of themed walking tours, mainly for groups.  However they also offer a tour for individuals – « Stories of the Old Town ».  April to October Mondays to Fridays at 1500.  Saturdays 1100(German only) and 1500 (English only).  Adults – 25frs, children – 12.50frs.  For more information and information on the tours offered for groups :  https://www.zuerich.com/en/visit/city...  To sign up-   touristservice@zuerich.com or phone  +41 (0)44 215 40 00



Zug (town of Zug)

 Self-guided and guided tours – http://www.zug-tourismus.ch/en/activi...  and for other great tours see - http://www.zug-tourismus.ch/en/activi...(Zug grew over the centuries and it is easy to follow the different periods walking around the old town and the Neustadt « the new town ». You can find the city walls from the different historical periods.)

Cham (only information in German available)

Guided-tours:  http://www.cham-tourismus.ch/Kontakt/...  Cham is interesting because it used to be an Industrial centre for textiles and milk products).

For more information on any of these tours contact the local tourist office by email or via their website.   To post a question about anything to do with travel in Switzerland go to the Switzerland Travel Forums –