Cortona is a cultured town, although some people don't consider it as cultured as Florence or Rome. Still, there is as much history in this town as there is in any other part of Italy. The Romans built up the area well, and markets began and because of this the society flourished and the culture expanded. For hundreds of years, Cortona has been a satellite to Florence, and because of this the town has borrowed almost every aspect of the culture and society from Florence. Locals are educated, know about the arts, and love music and dance. There are theaters in the town, and one of the most popular activities is sitting in a cafe and talking with friends and family. Just sitting and sharing a bottle of wine or sipping on coffee is a social event in this town. Taking a stroll down the piaza is another social event that is especially big in a town like Cortona. Antiques and other rare goods can be found in Cortona, and they are trademarks of the class and style of this town.