The first to arrive in the region were the Greeks in 729 BC. Then, the Carthaginians came and the Romans in 263 BC. After the decline of the Roman rule, Goths, Byzantines and Arabs passed by Catania. After the Arabs, the Normans established an era of bonanza and development that the Spanish continued all the way through the end of the 17th century when the city was destroyed by an earthquake. Economic development with political modernization resulting in the unification of the peninsula in the 19th century set the basis for Catania’s growth into the most important commercial center of Sicily.

Today, Catania is the hub of high technology in Italy, some people even call it the European Sillicon Valley. But, it also houses other type of business in chemicals, textiles, pharmaceuticals, engineering products, and yes, tourism thanks to the presence of Mount Etna. Catania still owns its importance as an agricultural region and as a commercial port (although today mostly serving tourism).