Italy is an extremely popular country for tourists to visit. Hence, there are many published books related to traveling to all parts of Italy , including Sardinia . While many visitors to Italy do not make the trek all the way to Sardinia , those who do are able to enjoy an island filled with beauty, tradition, culture, shopping and festivals. A couple of books that describe the island in detail are:

“Authentic Sardinia,” by The Touring club of Italy boasts in their book that Sardinia is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Also discussed are the best places to eat, the nicest hotels, and the sights that should not be missed during a visit.

“The Rough Guide to Sardinia,” by Robert Andrews is a book that discusses all of the unique traditions and customs that remain very strong in Sardinia to this day. While the country is part of Italy , it has its own character and a distinct language dialect. Andrews also goes into detail on why visiting Sardinia is such a unique experience. He talks about the geography of the island, the history of the people who live there, and many of the sites (including markets and museums) that are worthwhile to see.