Nestled high in the alps at 324m (about 1,000ft), sheltered by mountain peaks, Merano experiences a unique micro-climate that guarantees mild weather year-round. The climate could be described as Mediterranean. Many species of plants that grow in Merano are only found around the Mediterranean sea and in East Asia. It is particularly conducive to grape vines and olive trees. Merano is probably the northernmost city where olive trees live through the winter and bear fruit. This is due to Merano's warm, dry autumn, which gives plants a chance to insulate themselves against the coming winter cold.

    The hottest months in Merano are June, July and August, when average high temperatures are in the lower 80s (26 C). Average lows in the summer are in the lower 60s (16 C). It does get cold in the winter, especially overnight. Average daytime highs, however, can reach into the 50s (10 C). Overnight lows are often in the 20s (-5 C) during the winter. Average yearly rainfall is around 700mm (27 in.), which occurs mostly in the winter.