This area of Italy is active, and there are many outdoor activities to keep you busy. You can walk, hike and bike, or go kitesurfing or parasailing. It’s all here.

One popular tourist attraction is Lake Iseo ( Lago d’Iseo), which is located in Iseo. This lake, formed by a glacier hundreds of years ago, is a popular spot for hiking and biking as well as enjoying a beautiful view. But there are many little towns spotting the banks of the lake, all offering interesting little shops, cafes and other charms. You can visit Lake Iseo for a day or for longer, as there are charming little hotels here to enjoy.

Head for Sirmione and the Claudio Lana Professional Surf Center. This is a school for kite and wind surfing on Lake Garda, and it’s a hugely popular place for tourists and locals to get some fun, exciting water action. The school is only open from April to October, so if you’re visiting during the winter, you’re out of luck on this score.

Lake Como is as famous for its gorgeous outdoor setting which beckons outdoor enthusiasts as it is for its famous homeowner, George Clooney. Lake Como is so popular as a getaway because here you can stay in a hotel and be pampered and never lift a finger, or you can get outdoors and be active and explore. You can truly have it all here.