Vittorio G. Rossi, one of Santa Margherita Ligure’s best known sons, was a journalist and travel writer who went around Europe and the Middle East documenting the social and cultural ways of the people. Oceano, Spaniards’ Way, Tassoni, and Sabbia, that is to say, Spain, Austria, the Iris and Euphrates Mesopotamia region and of course Italy are some of his books and some of the regions that he visited and wrote about.

He loved his homeland. In Wines and Foods from Liguria, Rossi acknowledged the uniqueness of the region’s cuisine and wines, describing the elements that blend to make them more a people’s experience than mere produces to be consumed.

A great admirer of Salgari, Rossi followed his idea of exploring the unusual, his sense of adventure, his commitment to produce literary works that stimulated the readers’ imagination. These elements can be found in Rossi’s own works.

Rossi's books can be read by the traveler who ventures into unknown places and by the traveler who prefers to picture the landscapes and the people from places faraway at home. Rossi’s descriptions are vivid and caring of the subjects that he watches. His prose can be poignant as well as poetic, nostalgic as well as critical.