Santa Margherite Ligure has always been related to the literary arts. Many writers have visited the town for pleasure finding inspiration in its gorgeous landscape.

Luigi Pirandello, Eleonora Duse and Margaret Duley (the first Newfoundland writer) were once guests at the Imperiale Palace Hotel. Friedrich Nietzsche, André Gide and Samuel Beckett also visited the town when they stayed in neighboring Rapallo. Rapallo has been known as an intellectual resort where many writers and poets lived, being Ezra Pound and D. H. Lawrence among the most illustrious. Actors from Hollywood have also favored the region;past celebrities as Clark Gable and Tyrone Power enjoyed these paradisiacal villages.

Fifteenth century Villa Durazzo houses the library that belonged to the Vittorio Rossi, a travel writer and journalist who wrote extensively about the region of Liguria, its people and produces. Villa Durazzo is also the base for the International Courses of Italian Studies.

Santa Marherite Ligure is Camillo Sbarbaro’s home town. Sbarbaro was a well known poet who belonged to the Ligurian School of poetry and a notable translator.