Summer is the best time to head to Portofino, both in terms of the weather ( ) and in terms of the activities which take place there at that time.  In addition to the annual events which occur in Portofino itself, there are a number of interesting events going on in nearby locations which Portofino visitors may want to take advantage of if they are visiting during the right time.  Some of the options in and around Portofino include:

  • At the end of the summer, Rapallo hosts the Valle Christi Festival which is a series of music, dance and performing arts events taking place over approximately one month.
  • Palco sul Mare takes place during the summer each year in downtown Portofino, offering concerts and cabaret entertainment for the enjoyment of all.  This festival travels all throughout the area so visitors who miss it in Portofino might want to try and catch it in one of the nearby locations.
  • Tigullio Exhibition is an annual May event taking place in Chiavari.  This is worth seeing not only because it is an excellent arts and crafts fair but also because it has been going on for more than one hundred and fifty years and so is quite a staple in the history of the area.
  • Zegna Trophy is a sailing regatta which takes place in Portofino each year and is enjoyed by spectators as much as by participants.