When the Romans claimed Bolgna as their own in 189 BC, they began the architectural wonders that their civilization is so noted for. Under a variety of different rulers, this city quickly grew and its buildings were decadent. As ancient as it is, it should come as no surprise that the city faced several struggles as well, including fires followed by restoration; but in general the architecture of Bologna stays true to some of its earliest eras of greatness.

Simply walking through the alleys and down the cobblestone streets in Bolgona will delight the eye. Bologna is a city of towers that reach high into the sky and below are walkways leading to more great piazzas wth more great towers. The following buildings are some to especially watch out for:

  • Town Hall or "Piazza Comunale at Piazza Magiore is a fine example of the heart of this city in the 13th century. You will notice, as is typical, a great tower attached to the building
  • Palazzo Poggi is where the University now claims its home. The university at Bologna is extra special as it was Europe's first. Although this was not the original building, it has been the university's home for two centuries.
  • The Old Stock Exchange building certainly gives way to Roman culture with its columns. Located at Piazza Nettuna, today the grand building is a library.
  • To get your dose of gothic culture, head to the Palazzo Pepoli Vecchio e Pepoli Campogrande

You may wish to consider a walking tour to better enhance our architectural tour through Bologna, try La Chiocciola.