Visitors to Gaeta have a few options for getting around the city, and the rest of the country with public transportation.

            The public transportation system in the immediate city of Gaeta is fairly convenient and easy to use.  Because Gaeta is fairly small, there are not many routes available because they are not required.  For more information about routes and timetables, ask a hotel reception attendant or visit the station in town.

            Taxis are a good way of getting around the immediate city of Gaeta.  Fares are based on meters, which are government regulated and standard for all companies.  Generally, taxis will be waiting outside of major public areas such as train/bus stations and large hotels.  If outside of these areas, the best way to get a taxi is to call one of the agencies ahead of time to arrange for a pick-up.  For an incomplete list of companies located in or around the city, check out this Taxi Company List.

            Italy in general is very well served by a good public transportation network.  Gaeta has both a bus and train station, which allows it to be connected to much of the country.  For information about coach travel, check out this commuting through Italy by Bus page.  For information about commuting by rail, check out this Train Travel in Italy page.