In the beautiful square of San Paquale, Chiaia you will find Christ Church, Naples. Steeped in history, the church is a quiet haven away from the busy streets of Naples and has a particularly splendid set of stained glass windows - recently renovated. There is a strong musical tradition with professional concerts held here throughout the year. Abit of history of Christ Church -following a gift of land by Giuseppe Garibaldi, the church was built in 1863 in the aftermath of the unification of Italy and the overthrow of the Bourbon Kingdom of Naples. Public conscription and government funds contributed to the fine neo-gothic building, designed perhaps more as a statement of British power than to meet the needs of a potential congregation. Vicar Rev Kingsley Joyce and church staff are extremely friendly and welcome visitors. Visitors have come from all over the world including America, UK, Irealand, Canada, India, New Zealand, Sri Lankan, Nigeria, Ghana, and Italy ! The vicar is kept busy over the summer with visits Sorrento, Bari and Capri. Church services are every Sunday in Christ Church at 10 AM and 5 PM in the Cathedral Church in Sorrento (summer only). The Sunday service has the added bonus of tea after the service with some of the Naples British and International community. Christ Church is in via San Pasquale 15/B, 80121 Naples, Italy. There is also a website with more info at